Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence - Why it is Needed

First, Google rewards websites that have a social presence. It demonstrates your viability in the market place and will start pushing you up the search level on the web. This is a good thing if you have services or products being sold on your website!

Second, social media is the new word of mouth form of organic advertising needed for companies to expand their market reach. It makes it easy for the "tell two people who tell two people" approach to organically growing a customer base. A customer who is pleased with your products or services generally makes a post about it. "Hey, I got his new widget from ABC Comapny, it's awesome!" And most times they will show a photo of it. They have just advertised you to 2 to 3 hundred of their friends and family, for free! When they 'like' your Facebook page, this also appears on their friends feeds as "Jane Doe likes ABC Company" with a photo from your page and a link to it.

In today's market place, social media isn't just for cat videos or an occassional event post, it has become a very viable marketing platform. It allows you to stay connected with existing customers and to reach new ones as a fairly inexpensive form of advertising. This doesn't mean posting every day, most viewers are content with 1 to 3 posts per week. More than that and they tend to 'hide' you from their feeds.

You don't always need to be 'selling', building brand awareness that shows your human side is also a way to build their trust in your business. So, while a post about new products is awesome, so is an uplifting quote, a silly office picture, or just day to day things at your business.

These 'social' posts provide them a human element, a connection with you. Your customers want to know you better. And, when they do, they are more apt to purchase your products and services and recommend you to their friends and family.

Right now you may be thinking, well who has time for all that? And that's where I come in. I offer plans starting from $99/month to help keep you in front of your existing customers while reaching and drawing in new ones. Consistently. That's my job. This saves you time, lets you run your business and still brings you results.